Monday, 30 May 2016

8 Successful Telephonic Interview Hacks

Telephonic interview may see casual, but in actual it is one very, very important part of an interview. Why companies conduct telephonic round? Most of the companies conduct telephonic round to judge a person on first stand to make sure whether he/she is able to invite for a face to face interview or not. Moreover, it is less stressful to have a conversation with someone on the phone rather than communicating face to face.

1. Prepare the basic points in advance:
When you know you are going to give a telephonic interview better start your preparation in advance. Every interview starts with basic information such as your qualification, future plans, how this job can benefit you for your future and where you see yourself in next five years, etc. Thus, it is better to start your preparation from the basic things to be prepared to answer these questions well. Radio talks are a perfect tool that can be used for a better preparation.

2. Prefer attending the interview call on a  landline:
Always give a landline number to attend a telephonic interview rather than using your mobile phone for that. The mobile phone is a less reliable device to attend an important interview call, because sometimes low battery, weak network and some other errors with the mobile phone can spoil your conversation and can irritate the interviewer.

3. Keep your answers short:
Always remember that a telephonic interview takes less time than in-person interviews. Therefore, keep your answers short but meaningful that an interviewer can get satisfied with your quickly and can move to the next question.

4. Keep a hard copy of your resume with you:
Keeping a hard copy of your resume in front of you is required when you are attending a telephonic interview. The reason is, an interviewer has the same copy and can ask you some tricky questions about whatever is mentioned is your resume. If you will have the same copy with you, you can make your answer firm.

5. Have the internet access:
Keep the website of the company open in front of you so that you can answer them well. It is obvious that an interviewer will ask you about what you know about their organization and if their website will be there in front of you, you will be able to tell them whatever they are asking. While using the internet during the call, make sure you don’t get hints to the interviewer that you are typing and saying something after reading.

6. Use a latency of a few seconds before any answer:
When you are being asked any question, don’t try to answer in a hurry. It is better to take a few minutes time to show the interviewer that you are answering after thinking and not trying to fill the silence gap only. This way you can also prevent the awkward possibility of speaking to him/her.

7. Keep your voice loud and clear:
Whenever giving a telephonic interview, always take care that your interviewer is able to hear your voice properly. For this, keep your voice loud and clear and sit in a place where there are no disturbances like noise of kids, television, vehicles or dog.

8. Keep your body language calm enough:
Several candidates, especially fresher gets over excited about their interview that led them answering in an apparent anxiety. Therefore, it is better to keep your body language calm and keeping your anxiety under control so that you can give answers in an appropriate manner.

So, use these hacks and rock your telephonic interview to get ready to receive a call for a face to face interview.

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