Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Homework solver : A help to get your work done

Homework solver is the person or any organization that can help us to solve our homework.

The point is that why we need them? It isn’t necessary that all students have time to solve their homework given by teachers. Nowadays in the world or environment full of distractions, it became more complex. The problem is all students don’t have an equal amount of observation power. All don’t  born genius. Some students can able to develop their powers earlier but some don’t.

Now, the problem arises for them i.e. how they can solve their homework when they didn’t concentrate in the classroom. From where they will develop their concentration power instantly by knowing that it is necessary. It isn’t that type of easy. They need their time for extra activities. We don’t want to be a book worm and also we shouldn't as someone said. There are some but we aren’t like that and also don't want to be like them.

Everyone is born creative because “god doesn’t make junk”.

It needs their time to analyze their capabilities and work for them. But we remain always busy in the classroom and doing homework in the home and lastly feel boredom from it.
Talking about science the very vast and deep subject the more you study the more you feel confused. Hey, that doesn't mean follow the rule no study no confusion.

Emphasizing on maths, the difficult subject and boring also we don’t know the exact method to solve them. Concepts like geometry, algebra, and trigonometry are most frustrating. We know the formulas but don’t know the exact method to apply them, as questions aren't asked straight. We should know the trick for that n due to lack of our concentration power we can’t concentrate on class also another problem in nowadays is the teachers don’t focus honestly they just solve 2 questions on board in an hour class.

Actually, they want to earn money and they had started coaching institutes if any student will approach them for the questions they started making excuses that do it yourself how you will learn. Basically, they indirectly mean come to my tuition center. This coaching craze going on and on.6 hours of school 3 hours of tuitions. Do you feel that now we will concentrate on homework was given? Surely not, everyone has their personal life their hobbies they want to take time for that like sports it will also help you keep fit.

We don’t have any option other than coaching so we started joining coaching classes and starting to pay a high amount of charges for them.
Everyone isn’t able to pay the coaching charges, so they need someone who just solves their homework at affordable prices. We wish that there should be someone for it.
So, the homework solver need arises.

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