Thursday, 22 June 2017

Role Of Assignment In The Life Of A Student

In school and college life, students usually are assigned the task of assignments with regard to subject that they join to study. For example, if a student chose to study economics, he/ she will be getting more than enough assignment task concerned with economics. Based on each assignment task completed by the students, their grades are assessed by the teachers. Assignment tasks play a great role when the overall performance of the student is being evaluated. A lot of students might think that why they are being assessed and deeply examined on the basis of so much of assignment tasks throughout their study program in school, college or university.
The reasons that the performance of students is measured on the basis of assignments done by them are many. 
These reasons are:
1-     To measure level of intelligence- The main reason behind assessing the performance of students is to measure their level of intelligence. The student’s level of intelligence is measured by the way he/ she writes and presents the answers in the solution.

2-     To know their level of understanding- The other reason that the teachers place so much importance to assignment writing tasks is that they get to know about the level of understanding of the student with regard to concerned subject and the topic on which the assignment is provided to the students.

3-     To know about their writing skills- Through these assignment tasks teachers get to know about the writing skills of the students. Moreover, through these assignment tasks the writing skills of the students improves and their creativity gets a growth.

4-     To assign grades to the students- The assignments that the students submit to the teachers plays a great role when it comes to assign grades to the students. Based on these assignments the students are assigned grades. Students who submit unique and attractive assignments are given excellent grade.Thus, assignments help the students to score good grades.

5-      Widens the knowledge horizon- When students work upon the assigned assignment tasks, their horizon of knowledge widens. They are able to gain a lot of information and use it for future references. Their subjective knowledge also increases. They are able to solve the problems easily.

6-      Increase the productivity- Through working on the assignment tasks, the productivity level of students increases. They are able to conduct research in an efficient manner. They are able to manage their time. They even get to work by setting time limit for each task. Thus, their productivity increases.

Students usually feel burdened when they are assigned the task of assignments. But, these assignment tasks play a great role in the life of students. They come with their own importance. That is the only reason that these should be taken seriously by the students as these play an important role when the grades of students are being assessed.

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